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Bashir Bin Ali writes...

Wow. Reading through the unanswered questions, no wonder you've gotten so angry over people constantly asking for spoilers.

Good job with the opening for season 2. I heard something about a time skip but didn't expect it that far into the future. It seems like an odd choice but I have faith in you and the others to keep it glorious. Well, I guess y'all already have been, the season opener was real good.

1.) What was this site before it became AskGreg? Was it just another Gargoyles fansite or something like that?

Greg responds...

1. ASK GREG has - since its inception - been part of the larger Station 8 site. I believe S8 began as a more general fan site, but I'm afraid Gargoyles slowly but surely took it over. But really that's a question for Gorebash, who has graciously allowed me to park here on HIS PROPERTY and rant for over a decade now.

Response recorded on September 19, 2012