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btgr writes...

My reviews on Nightwing, Robin/Tim Drake, Batgirl, Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes, Lagoon Boy, Wondergirl and Gordon Godfrey after watching the very perfect "Happy New Year". BTW Greg don't listen to all those idiots who talk nonsense about the "Time Skip" and the new characters.

Nightwing and Robin/Tim Drake:
I didn't know I would be seeing those two guys very early in the show, but they both have great lines, personalities and costumes though. Plus they are both two of my most favourite DC heroes. I loved the conversions between those two. I also love the part where Robin teams up with Blue Beetle and Lagoon Boy.

HA!!! I always knew Batgirl exists on Earth 16!!! I liked the part where she teams up with Wonder Girl. Great costume and I'm surprised that you gave her black coloured boots and gloves. She's one of my most favourite DC heroines. Would be great to hear some one-liner jokes from her though. And yes Greg, "she is all that!!!"

Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes:
"That guy" and Batman: The Brave and the Bold is what got me into DC Comics in the first place. I love his costume, powers, Spanish quotes and jokes. His voice is so funny that I just simply laugh everytime he says a word. The part where he talks to his costume was also funny. I would love to see his girlfriend Traci 13 on YJ though, hopefully time will tell. Overall this is why Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes is one of my most favourite DC heroes. Oh and congratulate his voice actor for making him so funny!!!

Lagoon Boy:
I'm not very familar with him, but I like his appearance, powers and voice.

I'm a huge fan of her outfit after watching the episode. But I really couldn't believe people on youngjustice.wikia are complaining about her shoes. Just don't listen to them Greg, I actually think her shoes are cute.

Gordon Godfrey:
Like Blue Beetle, his voice is so funny!!! I've actually never heard of him before. But I have heard of "Godfrey", it's an Australian company that sells vacuum cleaners.

My final thoughts:
All those characters that I've reviewed are now on my list of favourite YJ characters, I've watched "Happy New Year" at least 4 times now and I've actually told JM DeMatteis about Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes on your show. Hopefully the rest of Season 2 will turn out perfect. Bye Greg!!!

Greg responds...

Glad you like Eric Lopez's work as Jaime/BB. We thought he was terrific!

Response recorded on September 20, 2012