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EXALT writes...

You said, before the series started, that you made auditions only for the six first members of the Team (plus Superman, but just because you wanted the same actor to voice him and Superboy). So:
1)Have you made auditions for members of the Team that were introduced in Season One, outside the original six (Zatanna-Rocket-Bumblebee-Batgirl-Mal Duncan-Beast Boy-Lagoon Boy)?
2)Have you made auditions for members of the Team introduced in Invasion (Tim Drake-Blue Beetle-Wonder Girl)?
3)Have you considered hiring new voice actors to voice the now adults Nightwing and Batgirl (let's clarify: this is not a hate message against Jesse McCartney and Alyson Stoner, in fact I like them both a lot in both roles; I'm just asking if you've considered it)?

Greg responds...

1. No. Those people were CAST in their rolls... which then carried forward into Season Two.

2. We did hold auditions for Jaime/Blue Beetle/Scarab, Tim/Robin, Bart/Impulse and one other. But not for Cassie/Wonder Girl. From our previous Miss Martian auditions, we knew we wanted Mae Whitman.

3. Never seriously. Keep in mind, we pitched Jesse up slightly when he played Robin to make him sound a bit younger. So by NOT pitching him anymore, he now easily felt right as Nightwing. And Alyson was just directed to play her tougher and older, and she did - admirably. The only REcasting we did because of age was Billy Batson.

Response recorded on September 20, 2012