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Anonymous writes...

I realize by the time this is answered, everything might've resolved itself, but do you feel or think that some fans might feel that the opening to season 2 might be a jump the shark kind of move. In the first season these characters that were introduced created these relationships that as of right now are none existent, plus the childhood relationships from the original team. Now it seems like things are trying to follow the comics and the characters from the original season that were supposed to be adults but were made kid are now adults and the members of The Team that were always supposed to be kids will remain that way like Superboy and Miss Martian. I realize I may take a lot of heat for this from other fans but I am sure you like to know all views on your work. Don't get me wrong I am still a fan and will continue to watch and my feelings may change as more info is revealed, but as of right now this seems like it should've been a season 3 not season 2.

Greg responds...

We are no more nor less trying to follow the comics now than we did before. We have a story to tell. No one was jettisoned. Relationships develop, but they are hardly 'none existent'.

But the timeskip was planned from Day One. I don't for a second think we've jumped the shark. I do think we've upped the ante and the stakes and done something that few shows get to, which is truly show our characters grow and change.

Response recorded on September 20, 2012