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The Captain writes...

First off Mr. Wiesman I would like to say sorry on behalf of the fanbase, obiviously some people have poor impulse control and lash out to those who don't deserve. I am confidant that you and the rest of the Young Justice production team know what you are doing. I won't bore you with the concerns that I have after watching Happy New Year but once again I state that I am confidant in you and the rest to adress those concerns. That being said I do have actual questions to ask. Sorry if some off these have been asked before but as you know it is kind of depressing to read the unanswered section of this blog.

1)Why is Zatanna a member of the Justice League? admittingly part of the reason is that I am sad to see the old Team broken up I do not understand why Zatanna would leave. Being on the Justice League would mean working beside Doctor Fate, who as far as I know, is still controlling her father. Even if she can put aside her feelings to work beside Fate that means she would have leave the team since she is the strongest pure magic user and there seems to be no replacement for her role. Again something that happened during the time skip could explain this and only the first episode of season 2 has aired but her motivation for joining the league are unclear to me as of this writing.

2) How is Rann able to keep up with current members (such as newly inducted Zatanna and Rocket) of the Justice League and put them on their most wanted list while Earth and the Green Lantern Corp are ignorant of this fact, does Rann have the ability to monitor galactic events while keeping a low profile or is there something else at work

3)Finally and I apologize if this seems both a bit whiny and probably asked already (like I said the unanswered archives kind of scare me now) but what was your reasoning for inducting Rocket into the Team in the last two episodes of season one when she leaves to be in the league in season 2. I mean with all the plot threads being tied up in those episodes she didn't get much of a chance to shine so I am wondering why include her when from my perspective she could have appeared as a guest star in an earlier episode and be in the team during the time skip. Once again I am sure you have your reasons and most likely this will be met with SPOILER REQUEST but can the fans expect her tenure on the Team have an effect on stories that if not affect episodes of Invasion at the least the comic book tie in or upcoming Legacy game.

4) SOrry I said I something occured to me while writing the last question but I have a question about legacy. SInce it is a year away and since it is it takes place during the time skip I am worried that if this game were to be cancelled during development the fans would lose valuable insight to what happened between seasons one and two. So this question is that if the game contains information to better understand the transition and this game is cancelled, will that information be avaliable via alternative methods?

Thats it so thank you for your time and I hope that the grief that the more...militant members of the fanbase don't cause you to lose faith in the part of the fanbase who still believe that you and the production team can deliever the same quality entertainment that caused us to become fans in the first place.

Greg responds...

1. Well, the first question I'd ask you is "Why wouldn't Zatanna accept an invitation to join the Justice League?' And I'm not confirming or denying anything about Doctor Fate or her father, but is there any scenario you can think of where Z wouldn't want to keep as close an eye on Fate as possible?

2. You're looking at it backwards. The information didn't come from Rann. It came from the Kroloteans who were ON Earth.

3. The reason she was included in Season One was ASKED AND ANSWERED. As for why she was moved up to the League in Season Two, we felt we needed to be true to her character arc. But rest assured that Rocket is a very important character to me, and her presence will be felt in both the comic and the show, and in addition, given enough issues and/or episodes we'll be learning MUCH more about her.

4. The television series contains all you NEED to know to appreciate the television series. The game will supplement that. I see NO indication that it's going to be cancelled. (I just edited another dialogue script for cut scenes today.) But on the off chance it is cancelled, you won't lose anything that was necessary to enjoy the series. Though, as with the comic, you'll get more out of all three of our media by enjoying all three.

Response recorded on September 24, 2012