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Blake95 writes...

im just curious, in hindsight, are you happy with the timing of the s1 finale/s2 premiere, coming out in the same month as issue 14-5? im just saying caus we didnt know ocean master and orm were the same but orm was said to be on their side in the finale, and now we learned some cool things about lagoon boy too before his role expanded

another lagoon boy question - when you had him played by yuri lowental in downtime, did you already know you werre going to use him in s2?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not UNhappy with how it turned out.

2. I believe so. That is, we knew we were going to use Lagoon Boy. We didn't make a final decision on Yuri until just before we began auditions for our Season Two cast. That's not meant as a reflection on Yuri AT ALL. We simply didn't discuss who would be playing what until then, at which point Jamie Thomason and Brandon Vietti and I sat down to figure out which characters we'd need to hold auditions for, and which we were already good with, which of course included Yuri.

Response recorded on October 02, 2012