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Mr. Curious writes...

When you organize your list of characters for use on Earth-16, do you categorize them as:

a.) Heroes, Villains, and Antiheroes?


b.) Good, Evil, Neutral Good, and Neutral Evil?

Greg responds...

I really only had two lists that I actually TYPED UP, one for teen heroes and one for possible Light members or allies. But keep in mind, I also have literally decades of DC Comics trivia in my head, plus two complete iterations of WHO'S WHO on my shelves, a DC encyclopedia and e-mail access to the incomparable John Wells, DC expert extraordinaire! Plus, you know, my contacts at DC: Ivan Cohen (formerly), Geoff Johns, Mike Carlin and Sean Ryan - all of whom were VERY helpful. Plus most of the staff -and half the cast - are bigtime geeks also.

Of course, AFTER we went into production, I started new lists of characters that we were actually using. But those are broken down by episode, not by hero and villain.

Response recorded on October 02, 2012