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Kevin writes...

1. How old is Black Lightning?
2. How old is Randy Eiling?
3. How old is Peggy Eiling?
4. What is the name of their mother?
5. How old is Tseng?

Greg responds...

These questions have now officially gotten complicated with the new season. So, what follows are their ages at the END of Team Year Five, i.e. December 31st the day before Season Two starts - ASSUMING they're still alive AT ALL. Unless you've seen them, no guarantees:

1. Black Lightning was 28.

2. Randy Eiling is 50 if still alive.

3. Peggy Eiling is 46 if still alive.

4. Angela Randall Adams Eiling.

5. Tseng Dangun was 59.

Response recorded on October 02, 2012