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the greenman writes...

I just have more of a comment about spoilers.

My issue is we (being the general public audience) may not be clear of what constitutes in the area if spoiler request. Granted yes, certain questions clearly ruin a lot about story, however when it comes to character that's a little too ambiguous. If someone ask questions about love life for a character, it could end up becoming a story element and thus a spoiler.

Its the difference between asking some women their birthday and their age. One is considered a little rude while the the other isn't unless of course the woman takes it to that level out of context. I may not come out and ask her zodiac sign, but asking her b'day is simpler and should be received with the simplest answer, then if the answer is either May 4 and not May 4 1970 you perceive the the short answer is probably because she's being protective of her age.

I've noticed that sometimes a question got shot down and was never addressed (to my knowledge anyway) on the show (YJ).

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"Questions that ask me to SPOIL my own show are exasperating. As I've said over and over, I'm just NOT going to do that. Why would I? Even obvious stuff can't be addressed, because if I acknowledge anything, the stuff I don't comment on is spoiled by default. So please, please, please refrain. Any question that falls into this category will simply be answered: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT."

[Response recorded on March 29, 2011.]

Response recorded on July 03, 2012