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Feedback writes...

Can you edit the site so there are different sections for questions? One for "Gargoyles", another for "Young Justice", another for "Spectacular Spiderman", another for "Young Justice: Invasion" and a final one for "Other questions"?

Like that, you could answer the questions in a more organized manner. Plus, you could answer the types of questions you want to answer whenever you want (i.e. You're sick of YJ questions, so you'll start answering Spiderman ones)

Overall, I think you should implement this or a similar system so the archives and unanswered questions can be easier to navigate for you, for the mods and for the fans.

Greg responds...

The archives are ALREADY broken up exactly that wayr. What other 'organized manner' is required? First come/first serve seems fair to me. And I don't have any particular preference as to which show I'm answering about.

Basically, I am not having any navigation problems. Neither are the moderators. And if you've spent even five minutes looking at the site, neither would you or any other fan. Navigation was never the issue.

Response recorded on October 03, 2012