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Derek writes...

I have a question about Gargoyle genetics and cloning. Apologies if this makes your head hurt, it's made mine hurt.
In Marvel comics, when they cloned X-23 they used just Wolverine's X chromosomes as the Y sample was damaged and a male clone wasn't viable.

I was looking up reptiles, as Gargoyles as I understand it are closer to reptiles than mammals. In reptile genetics it's the females(ZW) that have two different chromosomes not males(ZZ). So if Sevarius had a sample of say Angela, but only the Z was viable would he'd still be able to create a male clone of her, right? Females clones for Gargoyles would be the trickier of the two?

Greg responds...

Gargoyles are NOT closer to reptiles than mammals. They are GARGATES. So your entire question is pretty much moot.

Response recorded on October 03, 2012