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Anonymous writes...

Icon was identified as a type of alien called a Terminan. Beyond that, nothing else is known about him on Earth-16. I wish to ask more about him, but knowing how sensitive your updated guidelines are, I’ll just ask some simple stuff.

a. If Icon has a secret identity, what name is he called by?
b. Being that he is a Terminan, I suspect that Icon must have quite a longevity, but how old is he exactly?
c. Since he currently lives on Earth, what is Icon’s given age under the guise of his secret identity and according to Earth-16’s U.S. government records?
d. What was Icon's purpose for coming to Earth in the first place, assuming there WAS one?
e. In regards to Icon's voice actor, who is well-known in the Final Destination franchise, why was he specifically chosen for this role?

Greg responds...

Icon was not identified as a "Terminan" on our television series. So you don't even know that much about him on Earth-16.

a. Augustus Freeman.

b. Who said he's a "Terminan"?

c. I don't know.

d. Assumes facts not in evidence.

e. I've always admired Tony Todd's voice. But the truth is, voice director Jamie Thomason and I were having lunch at Taste Chicago in Burbank, and we saw him there. That reminded me how I'd always wanted to cast him in something. Then when Icon came up, he seemed perfect. Timing is everything.

Response recorded on October 04, 2012