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Derek writes...

I was quite suprised with the implication that Delilah might take Malibu on as her mate, as his mental development would in line with a child right?

Could there be somewhat sinister Demona-eque reason for Delilah remaining with Malibu and the other clones? You've mentioned, or at the very least it's on the wiki that she's the natural leader of the clones given her education. Does Delilah has Demona's urge for power and leadership? It would seem that Malibu would be a far more passive mate than Thailog and no threat to her attaining leadership of their clan. Or am I perhaps judging her too harshly?

Greg responds...

No. Malibu lacks education. There's nothing wrong with his mind. Which renders the rest of your question moot.

Response recorded on October 04, 2012