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Alexia writes...

I have some questions regarding the episode, Earthlings.

1. I noticed there were no subtitles when the Rannian language was spoken. I am curious, what were Adam, Alanna, Sardath and the Rannian police saying in the Rannian language throughout the episode?

2a. Does Sardath know that Alanna has a crush on Adam?

2b. If so, how does he feel about it? Does he accept his daughter's liking for Adam or is he against it or entirely neutral about it?

3. Does Adam have a crush on Alanna as well?

4. Do Rannians age the same rate as humans?

Greg responds...


Alanna: A-dahm! A-dahm! [Adam! Adam!]

Alanna: Ol fao aeli vier qu, A-dahm! [It is good to see you, Adam!]

Adam: Sardath-Cho, Alanna… olf fao Miss Martian, Superboy ul Beast Boy… leps Urth. [Honorable Sardath, Alanna… these are Miss Martian, Superboy and Beast Boy… from Earth.]

Sardath: Lam talsa, "Urth-lingz". Fao A-dahm ililoc qu duss maol ao Apic-Zeta? [Greetings, Earthlings. Did Adam tell you what happened with the Zeta-Beam?]

Science Patrolman: Thom-Ranagari tho faor doh-heger! Vier glusten! [We cannot allow the stranger to escape. Keep searching.]

Science Patrolman: Tomtel! [Don't move!]

Alanna: Duss? Qu ililoc Urth-lingz?! [What? You're speaking Earthling?!]

Sardath: Duss maol? Fao tertel bu ael? [What happened? Is my daughter all right?]

Alanna: Ba sistris qu, Mis Mar-shawn. Su-pear-bo sistris qu emsec… [I'm worried about you, Miss Martian. Superboy is too.] {I think this line might have been cut for time.}

Alanna: Ba lalto onamao ol dol qu wake up! [It would really help if you would wake up!]

2a. It's hard to miss.


3. It's hard to miss.


Response recorded on October 09, 2012