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Todd Jensen writes...

We know that a major factor in Demona's motivations is her suppressed guilt for the sack of Castle Wyvern and the destruction of her clan there, which she knows somewhere deep down inside she was responsible for, but which she consciously rejects and blames on the humans. But is it just the massacre of the clan in its stone sleep that she feels this unadmitted guilt about? Just before Demona left the castle, in "City of Stone Part One", she saw Princess Katharine and the Magus taking the eggs away. Obviously she didn't know that they'd changed for the better in their feelings about gargoyles and were no longer the bigots that they once had been, nor that Goliath had appointed them the guardians of the eggs so that what they were doing was perfectly legitimate. To Demona, it must have seemed like they were looting the rookery and taking the eggs away for some unknown horrible purpose. And she simply let them do it, without making any effort to come to the eggs' rescue and save what little remained of the clan now.

So is that another factor in Demona's buried guilt? That she abandoned the eggs to their fate? (You stated that you considered Goliath in the wrong for turning the eggs over to Katharine and taking the easy way out by asking the Magus to turn him to stone rather than look after them alone, but at least he knew that the Princess and the Magus were not the people that they had once been, and that they would take good care of the eggs - as indeed they did. Demona couldn't have known any of that).

Greg responds...


And I'd love to dialogue with you on this, but you put it so succinctly and well, I'm not sure what I could add.

So I'll just confirm.

Response recorded on March 11, 2000