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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg

This may be a kinda dumb question. (slight pause) This may be just like every other Q I have ever asked:)

Ok I was just wondering. Goliath has taken some steps since he met Angela. He doesn't mind that she calls him father and that she feels a need to have father daughter..er..talks..whatever. But he still goes along with the children of the clan thing. Ok heres my point. While Goliath is still more on the "children of the clan" dealy..Demona seems a lot more willing to say "My daughter" and treat Angela special. Is most of that due to her just trying to sway Angela to her side of things? Or is it because Demona seriously puts more stock in the _MY daughter thing. Like maybe they don't understand me, but she might because shes my daughter? Or maybe she senses or can at least recognize the fact that Angela _does_ want to build some form of a relationship. Since Demona feels so alone and all, does that mean something to her?

Sorry. Rambled again:P

Greg responds...

YES on all counts. (Not a dumb question at all. Why would you think that?)

Response recorded on July 10, 2000