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DragonWolf writes...

First of all, Mr. Weisman, I would like to congradulate you on a great series and a job well done.

I would like to comment on a particular aspect: Angela.

I was impressed at how subtly you addressed the problem of the Manhattan clan's lack of females, which meant there could be no continuation of the clan. The only female attached to the clan was Demona, and with her being what she is, it is not exactly likely that she would breed with any of them. I liked the way you solved it with the fates of the Wyvern clan's eggs, which lead to introducing Goliath's daughter, Angela. (I love the contrast to her mother Demona's name, Demon/Angel.) She's a great character.

I was quite pleased that you had Angela choose Broadway over Brooklyn and Lexington, but Brooklyn especially.

When I first saw how the trio was vying for Angela's favor, it got me thinking. As it was inevitable that she would choose, I began wondering who. My favorite is Broadway, but followed closely by Lexington. I'm not overfond of Brooklyn.

My first thought was that she would choose Brooklyn, because he's the second in command, and the leader or semi-leader is in most stories the one to "get the girl". Lexington doesn't really seem the type for Angela; he was probably acting through hormones. Broadway, however, had the same disposition as Angela, and was a more gentle, more likable type. I hoped he would be chosen, but still thought it would be Brooklyn.

I must commend you on pairing Broadway and Angela. As I mentioned before, Lexington simply doesn't seem right, and Brooklyn... well, Brooklyn will go for any girl who's got wings. Not only Angela, but Maggie, too... I'm even under the impression that he developed a crush on Demona in TEMPTATION!

So great work, and good thinking. I salute you and your work!

Greg responds...

Thanks, but as I've said before, this was less a choice than something that just felt right.

As for Brooklyn, I do think he was crush-happy, but I am over-fond of the guy, so I don't want it to seem like Broadway "won Angela" because he won some kind of popularity contest over Brook and Lex with me.

Response recorded on July 11, 2000