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Basilisk writes...

I'd like to ask your opinion on a ramble that I've written.

One of my all-time favorite episodes is POSSESSION. In POSSESSION, Broadway, Angela, and Brooklyn were vessels for the spirits of Coldstone, Coldfire, and Coldsteel. I have always believed that there were reasons for this.

As I see it, Broadway and Angela were possessed by the lovers, Coldstone and Coldfire for a reason. I always thought that it was a subtle way to hint that it would be they that became a couple themselves. Brooklyn was used by Coldsteel because he subconsciously possessed jealousy toward Broadway for his success with Angela that Coldsteel harbored for Coldstone about Coldfire. I was lead to believe that especially where Brooklyn/Coldsteel was going to carry the unconscious Angela/Coldfire away because of his jealous lust for her.

Those are merely my assumptions. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Greg responds...

It's a chicken and the egg thing.

Did the Coldtrio's unbound spirits sense something or cause something?

At any rate, behind the scenes, we certainly used it as a stepping stone to an eventual Broadway/Angela relationship.

Response recorded on July 24, 2000