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Young Justice Fan writes...

Hey Greg -- big fan of Young Justice and especially the Season 2 time skip. I found that Season 2 has colored my view of Season 1. The Season 1 episodes seem more poignant -- almost tragic in hindsight, knowing where some of the characters end up. But seeing a character like Robin grow up is like watching a nephew get older. One second they're a toddler, and a few blinks later they're 18 -- time flies!

I'm also impressed by the fact that the early YJ episodes are actually better in the context of the entire series. I find that many serial shows negate their earlier episodes when mysteries are solved and long-running plotlines come to a head. Young Justice is definitely NOT one of those shows.

Anyway, I remember reading an interview in which you stated you had about 7 months of development time on Young Justice. Here's my question:

1) How much of the series (Season 1, 2 and more) was conceived during this phase (plotting, characterization, designwork) and how much came after you got the greenlight?

Thanks -- you and your crew rock!

Greg responds...

1. All the plotting of Season One and most of the basic ideas for Season Two came during this period. Design work for the main teens (Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, Speedy/Red Arrow) and some adults (Red Tornado, Black Canary, Batman, Superman, Mister Twister, plus a few more) were done - though not final. General characterization also done.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012