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dailyplanetintern writes...

OMG! I just LOVED today episode! "Salvage". I thought for sure that the hero that had "fallen from grace" would have been Kaldar considering what happened last week but I was just as glad to see Roy come back into the picture! Now everything is complete and all my questions have been answered! I know what Roy's doing and what happened to Wally and Artemis! I LOVE the fact that after 5 years that they're still together! Now my mind can rest. It's been driving me CRAZY for the last 3 weeks to know what happened to Wally and Artemis, I already knew that Kaldar would be making a showing and that he now had a Black Manta connection but not knowing what was going on with Wally and Artemis was making me nuts. I figured that they'd be in school since it didn't seam that they had passed on (some people thought that Artemis would have gone bad but I figured that that wasn't true. You went through the trouble of having this Artemis of Earth-16 go down the hero path instead of a villainess one and in "Unusual Suspects" had her reveal her family connections to her friends and her finally being able relax and find acceptance I found it highly unlikely that her future would swing the other direction...) I hope to see them again! They're so cute together!

Now I can wait for the upcoming episodes in peace. ^_~

But on to my questions these are regarding Miss Martian and Superboy and their aging processes.

Now M'Gann is approached as having been of an equivalent of "16" in season 1, and Martian Manhunter mentioned that she was 48 earth years old. Now 48 divided by 16 equals 3 so what I was wondering was:

1. Does M'Gann age at a Martian emotional and physical equivalent so that every 3 earth years of ageing and development for her is the equivalent of 1 human year? So instead of her being "21" she's more like "17 and 3/4"? Almost "18"?

Now Superboy. He was force grown to 16 years in 16-weeks, and he can't visibly age on the outside. But he can age internally / physically on the inside. So it can't be said that he's "21" like Kaldar and Wally are.

1. So does this mean that at some point internally he'll be elderly with all the negatives that with it but sill look like a 16-year-old hottie?

If so that really is a "standard blessing and curse".

2. Exactly where is his age in the emotional sense since that's the only "ageing / maturity" that would be visible?

3. How old is Superboy internally? He was force grown to 16 years in 16 weeks. So does his body think that it's 16 in season 1 and 21 in season 2 or does it read it's self as younger since he's only almost 6 chronologically?

PS: I loved the "You freshman never do the homework." Statement that Conner made.

I also noticed that in the last episode that Superman called Conner, Kon-El. That made me happy too. Although the caption on my TV said 'Conner' instead. Like in "Earthlings" when Conner says that he doesn't visibly age, the captions said physically age. Which means two entirely different things. Not visibly aging means that you can't see the aging, but that it is occurring. Not physically aging usually equates immortality.

4. Dose it annoy you when closed captions get things wrong like that?

One word that seams to give a similar impression like visible and physical can give a person 2 distinct understandings, and in this case it would be the wrong one.

Greg responds...

a. Yes, she's the biological equivalent of an 18-year-old, give or take, by Martian standards. Of course, that has nothing to do with how old she chooses to look as a shape-changer.

b. Yes.

1. Yes.

2. That's a matter of opinion.

3. I don't think his body is quite as obsessed with numbers.

c. Yes, captions are notoriously unreliable. Which is a shame. (I don't know why they don't work off the scripts.)

4. A lot.

d. Agreed.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012