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matt writes...

i have to say that i really don't feel all that sorry for Angela with the whole mother Demona thing. i mean she has two adoptive mothers in Katherine and Elisa, and practically four fathers in Goliath, Tom, The Magus, and a bit in Hudson, though he's probably more of a grandfather. What i'm trying to say is she crys and everything but no one else in either the Avalon or Manhatten clans knew either of their parents. They probably are a bit jealous of her. Her parents may not get along, but they love her and at least they weren't smashed to dust. but still here's poor Angela crying, "boo hoo, my mommy doesn't like my friends!" what a baby! sorry about all that. i know there isn't really a question here but i had to get that out. thanks.

Greg responds...

Elisa's more of a big sister than a mom, but I see your point.

I just think you're being really harsh. Yes, she's got great adoptive parents. But that doesn't change the emotional response of finding out your biological parent is a villain. I think it would be dishonest if she didn't react that way.

Response recorded on December 01, 2000