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Todd Jensen writes...

In your opinion, will the emerging public hostility towards the gargoyles from the humans in New York, post-"Hunter's Moon/The Journey", be harder on Angela than the other members of the clan? While Goliath, Hudson, and the trio grew up at Wyvern familiar with how most humans don't like gargoyles, Angela grew up on Avalon where the only humans that she knew (Princess Katharine, the Magus, and Tom) were loving foster-parents to the young gargoyles; between them, and her strong ties with Elisa during the Avalon World Tour, it must have been easy for her to develop the attitude of harmony between the two races as the norm. Could that make the general anti-gargoyle mood in New York much more upsetting for her than it did for the rest of the clan, who have had more experience with it?

Greg responds...

Yes, generally, but she's not a little girl. She'll manage. But I also see her as a bridge builder.

Response recorded on December 21, 2000