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SEM writes...

Greg, I've just finished watching the World Tour arc on TOON DISNEY (and the next few episodes after, up through "The Reckoning" as I write) and am intrigued about the introduction of Angela. At first I thought maybe you decided to have an Avalon Gargoyle accompany Goliath back to Manhattan just to renew that sense of wonder of the world that seems to disappear from the other Gargoyles as they become more familiar with modern times. But then I see how quickly Angela takes charge and adapts, and to be honest I was kind of surprised the childlike wonder of going to "your Manhattan" wasn't milked a little longer. Was it a conscious choice to design a personality that had her get up to speed so quickly, or did it just happen? (Or am I perceiving Angela incorrectly?)

Lastly, to the person who asked about the Max Steel video game: one was just released the start of this month for the Sega Dreamcast by Mattel Media and Sony Pictures Entertainment. These are the people you need to contact about getting the game made for other platforms. Greg has nothing to do with that.

Greg responds...

We may have had Angela ramp up too quickly. I think that's a legitimate criticism.

But I will point out that Manhattan wasn't the first big city she visited. We tried to start her out slow by returning to Wyvern, then taking her to Queen Florence Island. Both relatively primitive locations. Next was the equally primitive Loch Ness, where she was exposed to some high technology. If she wasn't WOWED by it on-camera, that may have been because she didn't have much time to react.

But by the time she arrived in Manhattan, she had been to Paris, Prague, London, etc. She had seen the Matrix, submarines, guns, airships etc. So we couldn't have her TOO naive.

As to our goal for Angela, renewing that sense of wonder was only a VERY small part of it. Mostly, we wanted to explore a positive female gargoyle, and explore the complex relationships that would evolve out of having a gargoyle who was raised by humans but was the biological daughter of Goliath and Demona.

Response recorded on January 17, 2001