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matt writes...

after Angela learned Goliath was her father but before she learned Demona was her mother, who did she think her mother was? a gargoyle destroyed in the massacre? did she ever ask Goliath about his mate? she must have been equally curious about her mom.
also do Katherine, Tom, Gabriel and the rest of the Avalon clan (or some of them) know about Angela's parentage of Goliath and Demona?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not sure she was focused enough to give it any thought. She was thinking about Goliath-as-Dad-present-here-and-now, not some vague "mom".
2. Probably, if she gave it any real thought.
3. No. She was still trying to get him to acknowledge the significance of his biological paternity.
4. I don't know if they gave it specific thought. Neither Tom or Katharine or the Magus spent much time with the gargs pre-massacre. There's no way they could be sure. Angela's coloring might be a clue.
5. Do they know now? Probably. Angela probably told them.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001