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GP writes...

1. Does Wally still use his powers (for example, running to his school, visiting his parents) or he decided not to use it anymore.
2. Are Wally and Artemis doing sports in their college? If so, what kind of sport?
3. As of now, who knows Nightwing's secret identity?
4. Did Robin/Nightwing showed the picture of Artemis and him taken during Homefront?
5. Did Artemis and Wally kept contact with the Team, like Nightwing (to hang out or doing not-hero stuff), or they were all too busy?

Greg responds...

1. Casually, sure. And when necessary.

2. I don't think so. Maybe some intra-mural stuff for fun.

3. More than a few people, but not everyone.

4. Huh? (Guys, please proofread your questions to increase the likelihood that they'll get answered. CLARITY is appreciated.)

5. They're all still friends.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012