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scico writes...

Jerome K Moore showed the character designs of the Appellaxians on his deviant art page.


1.Are the names Gold Roc, Wood King, Stone God, and Crystal Creature the official canon names for each of the Appallaxians as shown in the character design?

2.Also was their a reason that you didn't include the Appallaxians Fire lord, Glass Man, or Mercury Monster? 7 on 7 would have been a more fair fight against the original League.

3. From reading his design process, it sounds like you give Moore a lot of hard work. You should probably give him a break sometime.


Greg responds...

1. GOLDEN Roc, but, yes. Those were the names we used in our scripts.

2. Those three were part of the original battle, as Catherine implied. But those last three golems didn't survive as souvenirs.

3. Rome and everyone on YJ worked their butts off for two seasons. Great damn crew! Great!

Response recorded on October 30, 2012