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matt writes...

was Angela nervous upon meeting the Manhatten Clan? i noticed that she stayed back in the shadows a bit at first. if she was, i can understand why. first of all, she probably felt like a hatchling among them. Avalon was not only where she lived her childhood, but it seems to be a place of eternal childhood, for mortals anyway. even Tom, Katherine, and the Magus said they all lived like children even as they all grew older. and when Goliath came to the island he was the oldest gargoyle (biologically and chronologically) that the Avalon clan had ever seen! than she gets to Manhatten and there's an even older gargoyle, Hudson. then of course, if i was Angela, i would feel very nervous about being raised by humans, even though they did a great job. the Manhatten gargs all hatched in the Wyvern rookery, grew up in the castle raised by gargs and had maintained almost entirely gargoyle-gargoyle relationships with the exception of Elisa, Matt, and some villains. Angela probably felt like, "I wonder if there is some gargoyle custom i'm not aware of.", or, "Am I doing something only humans do?" among her brothers and sisters all this was ok since they were all raised the same. actually out of all the NY gargs i think Angela was probably most intimidated by Hudson, am i right about any of this?
ok, just another ramble from matt...

Greg responds...

I'd say she was a bit nervous, yes.

I don't know if Hudson made her that nervous, specifically. He was very welcoming, and she's fairly self-possessed. But the situation was nerve-wracking, for many of the reasons you describe.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001