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Dattaboy/J-GL writes...

Greg couple of questions
1). Does Superman think he is the only Kryptonian left?
2). Why has Icon chosen to stay on Earth when their is technology capable of taking him back home?
3). Why has Martian Manhunter chosen to defend Earth?
4). If Aquaman and Wonder Woman worship to some degree greek gods how do they view Captain Marvel who seems to draw his powers from said gods?
5). With Black Manta taking Ocean Masters place on the light I would assume he also takes his designation, so since the light started how many members have been replaced and who were they?

Greg responds...

1. Yes. (Not counting Superboy.)

2. Mostly because of Raquel, and how she has managed to engage him with the world.

3. Like Icon, initially he was trapped here. When he finally had the option to return, he found he no longer felt at home on Mars.

4. With fondness.

5. Those designations were for the purpose of our credits only. As of the beginning of Season Two, only Ocean-Master has been replaced.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012