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TripleQM writes...

Hey some Beast Boy questions:

1. Where did Beast Boy get his cool outfit? Seems high tech.

2. Does Beast Boy not have shoes because it would interfere with his outfit turning into a collar when he turns into animals? Seems like that would be a problem.

3. So does Beast Boy wear that outfit 24/7? If he's caught off guard, as super heroes occasionally are, and he has to transform wearing normal clothing wouldn't he end up naked?

4. How intelligent is Beast Boy relative to other team members/characters? (Tim, Wally, Superboy etc.)

Greg responds...

1. M'gann gave it to him. It's Martian, like her own.

2. No. He could have shoes, but he doesn't want them.

3. In theory.

4. He's a bright kid.

Response recorded on November 06, 2012