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Esteban writes...

Hey Greg, it's me again. I've got into Young Justice at the beginning of the year and I got to say I love it! I quickly got into the series and can't wait to see more.

There is something I would like to ask though, ever sense the start of season 2 I haven't heard Nightwing say any backformations (you know the words he likes to mess around with like "whelmed" "aster", "chalant", and so forth) like he did when he was Robin. Did he grew out of it? Does he not say those anymore?

I guess the same things can be said about Miss Martian sense she doesn't say "Hello Megan!" anymore, but she at least said it once out of the released episodes that aired at this time.

Anyway that is all I really wanted to know, thanks for the time!

Greg responds...

Some sort of stuck and became part of Team jargon/vernacular. But he largely grew out of it.

M'gann also outgrew saying, "Hello, Megan!". Though again, she's not beyond saying it occasionally.

Response recorded on November 06, 2012