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Derek writes...

More of a comment on the last comment than anything else. We're only six episodes in so naturally not everything and everyone has been fleshed out for this season yet, including the minority characters.

I'm part of a minority too. I'm gay and we haven't been referenced at all in Young Justice, which I view as a flaw however if we were I would be happy with the kind of portrayal the other minority cast members have received.

The minority characters in Young Justice are being treated as characters like any other. Some are more prominent than others but that's the same for the white characters too, Connor is a fair bigger character in the series than Wonder Girl for example.

In Young Justice you have minority characters in big roles as both villains and heroes. In my opinion having a diverse representation of minorities is far superior to just favourable tokenism. We're all people and we're all fallible. If anything I think Aqualad in the first season could almost be seen as "favourable tokenism" becase he was too perfect. He's far more interesting to me now that we can see he's flawed.

Greg responds...

I suppose it goes without saying that we didn't view Aqualad - ever - as a token of any sort. We were characterizing him based on his background, heritage and experience. If that's paying off more in Season Two, well, great. But we believe he's been Kaldur as we saw Kaldur from Day One.

I also believe we have differently oriented characters in the series, even though we're not allowed to mention it out loud. (And just to be sure, I checked to see if we were allowed, and got a no answer. Everyone seems to want to get there, but we're not there yet.)

Response recorded on November 06, 2012