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JAC writes...

Mr. Greg,
I have full faith that you know what your doing, but I have to ask...how in the heck is future Neutron aware of the changes to the timestream if his entire criminal career never happened? For that matter, how/why did Impulse even travel back in time if the events that led him there never happened?
Time travel is only confuseing to those without common sense...its pretty cut-and-dry: if you go back in time & do something, thats what happened all along (there are really no such things as paradoxes), because if it didint, then there would be no reason to go.
Do you plan to rectify this plot hole, or just leave it as another "artistic liberty" for people to accept?
That may have sounded kind of snarky, but without some kind of "events have crrated an alternate universe," or other valid explanation, it seems kind of insulting to the intelligence of viewers when TV shows use time travel so flippently.
Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

I'm sympathetic. This is NOT my favorite way to depict time-travel, as any regular viewer of GARGOYLES knows. (And there ARE such things as paradoxes, but some are WORKING PARADOXES and some are NON-WORKING PARADOXES. Otherwise, you're defining the word "paradox" too narrowly.)

But in the DC Universe, there are certain time travel conceits built in, and fairly irrevocably so.

But I tried to at least maintain a certain "BACK TO THE FUTURE" (first movie) consistency about it, at least. Neutron was close to the locus of the time machine's ground zero. So I can buy the idea that his memory lasts a little longer, as he probably was exposed to chronaton radiation. And Impulse is now part of the revised time stream.

I don't think we're being flippant. (And I do think you're being snarky, frankly, as you are basically stating that if we don't do time travel the way YOU like it done, we are insulting the intelligence of our audience. I don't buy that.)

Since - to our knowledge - time travel is an ENTIRELY fictional conceit - the fact that we're handling it (by strict rules) in a way that doesn't suit you (or even me) doesn't make it "wrong".

(The irony of course is that I spent years defending the strict, strict rules of Gargoyles' time travel, and now I find myself defending the flip side.)

Response recorded on November 06, 2012