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Justin writes...

Hey here are some questions
1) Will Broadway and Angela's kids know that those two are there biological parents?

2) Will Broadway be more of a traditionalist in the sense that he would want the clan to raise the children, or will he want to raise his children as his own? I would think Angela want want to do the a latter.

3)Will Broadway and Angela see eye to eye on the parenting proccess?


Greg responds...

1. Not necessarily. Artus is more likely to know than Gwen or Lance. Only because there are fewer garg parents in the castle early on.

2. Both Broadway and Angela will lean toward the Gargoyle Way. I understand why you think Angela would favor the human approach, but I think you're misinterpreting things. Keep in mind how she was raised. Three parents. Many siblings. There's a certain fascination with biology which I think is "human" and natural. But ultimately, I think love for the "eggs" would win out with her. How can she possibly love one "egg" more than another, just because she laid one.

3. On everything? Doubt it. Generally? Yes.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001