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Cruzerflash writes...

Is there a reason for leaving out Superboy and Ms. M from the Team's super secret undercover mission?
I don't see why you guys would choose all of the original members of Team to participate in this mission, except for these two; it would be more understandable if you guys had chosen the original 6, instead of just the 4 to keep the undercover secret from the League and the new Team recruits; seems a little prejudice towards the Martian and half-Kryptonian, lol jk :)
Good episode none the less
Keep up the good work!


Greg responds...

1. Is there a reason to include them?

You're putting too much weight on who's original and who is not. This is about Kaldur's secret op that ONLY Nightwing knew about. The fewer who know, the smaller the risk of Kaldur's cover being blown. Artemis was brought on - and brought in - to serve a specific function (or two). Wally's NOT "participat[ing] in this mission", but Artemis wouldn't join the op without letting him in on it. It was a deal-breaker for her. So Wally was only brought in, because Artemis insisted. But the circle is small because it's a need-to-know circle. It's not like these FOUR came up with the plan, but decided to leave Superboy and Miss Martian out. Kaldur and Nightwing came up with the plan, and eventually let Artemis (and Wally) in. But not because they're old friends or something. Nor were Superboy and Miss Martian left out because they're not close to them. And certainly not because they're Martian and half-Kryptonian.

Response recorded on November 09, 2012