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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

Another happy review: Usual Suspects-

First the shorts-
Green Care Bear-not a bad parody. Odd it seems it wouldn't be my thing, but I liked it better than the Ardman one, and that would ordinarily be my thing.

On to the show.
Rocket has nice line that needed saying, "Since when is being a sidekick a bad thing?" (So here too she convinced Icon to be a hero? For now I am assuming her original back story.)

Icon- "You don't know Raquel...though I thought she'd at least stick around." Nice beat. Icon has a strangely stilted form of speech, like someone new to the language and not, presumably, here for 150 years already.

Old times for Artimas and Jade = "Dad pitting us against each other." No, that's not at all dysfunctional....

Great voice acting "OK Fine. We're sisters, I don't actually want you dead." Sheepish- like a bad guy has to apologize for not always being the absolute worst.

Zatanna & Rocket walk off together here... and are inducted together the JL 5 years later.

Super Boy coming clean is a rare instance of someone choosing that moment to NOT dig deeper.

Didn't notice the first time I saw the episodes, but when Conner inspired Artimas to come clean Cheshire was already on the way to pick her up. She was actually past the time to not dig deeper and was probably in the hoping something unexpected saves her stage. M'gann too, even deeper, since Artimas has said no to her father's face before. Queen Bee was exerting power over M'gann. (It also has a slight parallel to Superboy handing the arrow back to Arrowette in the original Young Justice- trying to give her a chance to unmake a bad decision.)

"Who's next?" "I am." "I swear I was kidding." Great timing and image.

mmm... Robin knew Artimas's secret, Conner knew M'gann's (wish I could recheck his reaction to bald M'gann.) Nice that they took the involuntary step back. Accepting is not the same as not being startled.

Q1{All that recent Martian info!! I wish we knew what magic trigger gets you in the mood to share that much info. Was that something that would have been in the comics if they had longer to hold off the time skip?"

Q2 The Martians have War of the Worlds' looking alien hands-despite two fingers? Do their mouths move and do they talk?

Conner standing still as ruse till Queen Bee was down was great strategy.

Lex's reserve is lovely

"This has been a good day." Meanwhile at the Watchtower... Irony

Q3 "RECOGNIZE VANDAL SAVAGE A04" Vandal has a low number League designation? Is that a real indication of former membership?

Greg responds...

Q1 - Given enough issues and/or episodes, I'd get to everything eventually.

Q2 - If by "move" you mean "open and close", then yes, their mouths move. But they can't articulate English with their natural mouths. And on Mars they communicate telepathically.

Q3 - It's an "A" designation. League members have no letter in front of the number. For example, Superman's designation is "Zero-One". NOT "A-Zero-One".

Response recorded on November 15, 2012