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Dan writes...

Two quick questions:
1) While we saw what happened to Goliath and Fox when they wore the Eye of Odin, I was always curious as to what the Eye would have transformed Elisa and Demona into if they had happened to be the ones who wore the Eye. Have you ever had any thoughts on this?
2) Along these lines while we have all seen Demona's evil side of her nature countless times, Elisa was always the personification of law and justice in every episode. Could Elisa have her own dark side to her personality, as was alluded to in a Gargoyles episode and in a earlier question to Ask Greg? And if so, what form would this take do you think, as a vigilante, or a rogue cop, a human Demona, or even a female version of Tony Draco or Xanatos? What circumstances do you think could ever bring out Elisa's criminal side. For that matter, Elisa and Demona always seemed to have as much in common as not, as they are both strong, intelligent, powerful women. Do you think that they could ever put aside their differences to become allies or even friends?

Greg responds...

1. No. Not really.

2. This is a big question, with a lot of little questions inside it....


I'm sure Elisa has a dark side. I think we all do.

All your suggestions for her dark side, however, seem to simplistic to me. It would have to come out of circumstances. She'd have to really be pushed over the edge. I'm not going to speculate on those circumstances here. That would be like writing a novel-length piece of fan-fiction that amounted to being the equivalent of a MARVEL WHAT IF? story. A lot of work to no purpose. Yes, Elisa has a dark side. Even a selfish side. We've seen that over and over, I believe. She isn't perfect. But do I think she'd ever permanently go over to the dark side. No. Not while I was in charge of her destiny. (Assuming I ever was.)

As for Elisa & Demona... who knows what might happen down the line. But Demona has a long road to travel before she's ready to fight on the side of the angels again. A very long road. I'm not sure Elisa's got the lifespan to stick it out.

Response recorded on September 05, 1999