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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

Last old review-
Depths- nice way to start a hiatus... Wowie

Shorts - Sword of the Atom pIII- dialogue a little hokey. Teen Titan dividing tape; cute enough.

[Actual questions bookends the comments. The other #s are just observations.]
Q1 Rocket to Mars- How where they planning on dealing with Earth seeing true Martian form?

1-Wally and Artimas at home, cut ahead to CPR at end. I think it is the first time you've set up a flash forward to the end following present events. Works nicely. Love the way Dick's body moves with the CPR compressions. Nice attention to detail.

2-M'gan's reaction to Artimas is like stepping back in time. She's light and open as she really doesn't appear much this season.

3-Conference - took me till the second time to figure out why you didn't say "Drink the Kool Aid". Yeah, I bet the Kool-Aid folks have a special hate for Jim Jones.

4-Mmm.. GGG's hands,for a moment, look like alien claws. War of the Worlds ish.

5-Mimicking missing Leaguers is a good idea. (I wondered last issue that Psion said he knew Batman wasn't around.)

6-There is quite enough skilled (rust free) fighting and teamwork to make the Cape fighting interesting even separate from the overall plot. Add the revelation of what really broke up Conner and M'gann, Lagan being taken and...Artimas dying at the hands of Kalderan! Wow.

7-Nice how the test the villain gives is a test of honor. Will he take credit?

8-Back at Mt Justice... I think someone already asked who the girl next to Blue Beetle is. You'd think it would be easier to guess- there aren't that many white, non blond female teen girl superheroes. Yes... it's an exaggeration, but true enough to be sad. Mmmm.... Next to Jaime? Traci 13 would rock!

9-I truly was surprised by the Kal undercover/Artimas alive twist. Nicely done. For some reason the line about the League and team being in mourning and possibly never forgiving them stuck a nice chord with me.

Q2 I figure this is either an incidental or a major spoiler. If it is the former- What does Artimas's mom know? {Never mind- moot now}

Q3 How is the voice altered for the glamoured version of Artimas?

Simply passing herself off as dead would be one thing. Going undercover too...interesting.

Yay! current review is all that's left to post!

Greg responds...

Q1 - How is who planning?

Q3 - In show, you just have to take it for granted that the charm has changed the voice enough so that it's not recognizable. Out of show, Stephanie does deepen her voice slightly for Tigress. It's intentionally subtle.

Response recorded on November 21, 2012