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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

Commenting on current ep! No questions, just comments.

Short on shorts: Teen Titan Go psa - cute enough. Love SBFFs "Solomon Grundy No Fight Girls!" was mostly brilliant, but I was a little disappointed with end.

1-I was surprised original Roy's voice was so deep. Also so angry! (At least that quickly.) He correctly didn't blame our Roy, but crazy blamed Ollie. From Independence Day and onward it seemed Ollie had a warm relationship with Roy despite Roy's Angry Young Man vibe. Nice Ollie character work. I'm curious where Dinah works into this relationship. Did she even know the original? (Rhetorical- expect to learn that in story.) Nice way to get to Arsenal.

2- Grotto- Took me a bit to realize that those memorialized in the grotto were not necessarily team members. Ted Kord was the huge giveaway. (I have noticed Tim is "Robin B" to the computers, so assumedly the memorial is to Jason who wasn't a member of the team.) Nice bit between Blue Beetle and Impulse- both in their demeanors from not having interacted with the folks honored in that room, and in the discussion about why the League doesn't do the memorials. Also lovely to see Jaime's 'relationship' to Ted spelled out. Visually, the subtle run through of emotions on Bart's face is fantastic. You see all the other, none 'Impulse', thoughts flit by before he shapes his face into the sunshine and light one.

3-Artemis' grave- Brutal to put Paula through that. Jade is there with the baby; she's all vengeance, but from actual love. Sportsmaster...not so much.

4-Lex Luthor- blasé about enabling the alien invasion... and customized desks ;) Mercy bleeds? So a cyborg, not robot. Lex does like to pontificate...but he isn't wrong. Did Lex actually show a moment of concern for Mercy? "Except we gave you anesthesia. Your methods..." Again with the not wrong. Now where have I heard that vengeance is a sucker's game....?

5-Superboy and Wendy- Lovely little surprise there. She isn't in on the team ("6...22!") She really does have insight into Conner. Ivy Town? Mmm....

6-Bridal shower- I wondered if there was something romantic between Raquel and Icon, now I'm wondering if they're engaged. Captain Cold... "I'm completely doomed, aren't I?" BWAHAHA!

All my reviews have been positive- but just to state the obvious- Loving the show!!

Thanks again for reading fan rambles. I tried to lean more to comments then questions to make up for the length.

Greg responds...

All Grotto memorials were for League or Team members, including Jason.

Thanks for posting your rambles. They're fun for me to read.

Response recorded on November 21, 2012