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Anonymous writes...

1. Can anybody besides Ra's Al Ghul can use the Lazarus pit?

2. Does the death penalty exist for supervillains?

3. How long has Hal Jordan been a Green Lantern for?

4. How long has the joker and the Riddler been fighting batman for and how many people have they killed?

5. What other teams was the martian manhunter apart of besides the league?

Greg responds...

1. See issues 11-13 of our companion comic.

2. Depends on the jurisdiction under which they were convicted of their crimes.

3. He'd been a Green Lantern for ten years before the start of Season One.

4a. The Red Hood became the Joker ten years before the start of Season One. Edward Nigma became the Riddler two years before the start of Season One.

4b. I don't have numbers for you.

5. I think he joined a Chess Club once.

Response recorded on November 27, 2012