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Harlan Phoenix writes...

What was the creative incentive for writing "Satisfaction" personally?

Greg responds...

There were a few things...

*First and foremost, I like writing "funeral" stories, i.e. the story that comes in the immediate aftermath of death. I like seeing how characters respond to death.

*I wanted to play the interaction between Speedy, Red Arrow and Green Arrow.

*I enjoy writing Lex.

*I liked the bridal shower gag.

*There were two other characters I REALLY wanted to include at the shower, but unfortunately that would have added four more designs to Phil's total for the episode, and he just didn't have time for them. But one of the reasons I chose to write this episode was so that I could introduce those two characters. Didn't work out that way, but it was part of the initial "incentive".

*I wanted to introduce the Grotto and show who was memorialized there. (This also added to Phil's total, but we all agreed these designs were essential.)

Response recorded on November 27, 2012