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Hotchin writes...

Hi Greg! I absolutely love what you and Brandon (not to mention the rest of the cast and crew) are doing with Invasion. I'm really enjoying it, in fact, now that I think about it, there's not an episode in Invasion which I haven't thoroughly enjoyed.

I was just wondering about the origins of the Justice League and its subsequent history. I understand this is spoiler territory, so I'll try to be fairly cautious of asking you for exact information.

1) We know from "Salvage" and "Alienated" that the Justice League came together to fight the Appellaxian invasion, and that the aliens' husks are on display in the Hall of Justice. In the comics, there are seven Appellaxians, however in "Young Justice" we've only ever seen four. Were the other three husks destroyed by the League, or were there only four Appellaxian invaders?
2) Was remaining a secret from the public a conscious decision made by the League, or did it just so happen that the public were oblivious to their operation for three years?
3) It wasn't for another 3 year following the League's formation that it became known the the public. Was this revelation directly linked with the Joker's discovery of the League's secret base in Mount Justice?
4) What was the League's roster at the time of Joker's discovery of the Cave, and the League going public?
5) I find it unlikely that this is a date you've nailed down, but if so, what month did the League form?

Thank again Greg, not just for answering our questions, but for making what I consider to be the best superhero television show since "Batman: The Animated Series". The tone of the series is nailed so perfectly, and there's nothing too far fetched which ever throws me out of the experience. I love the dynamic between all the characters, yes, even Lagoon Boy. :P

Fingers, arms, legs, toes, feet and eyes crossed for season three, and many more to follow!

Greg responds...

1. There were seven. The other husks didn't survive the end of the confrontation.

2. Both.

3. No.

4. The original seven plus Green Arrow, Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

5. February. And no, I haven't nailed down an exact date in February.

Response recorded on November 29, 2012