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Clark Cradic writes...

Some of my friends are curious about certain parts of the last season. I'm very, very, very sorry if these come off as rude or accusatory to you and the crew. I love the work you're doing, but they're really up in arms over certain things and misconstruing certain scenes in the worse possible ways. I figure the best way to calm them down is to get answers straight from the source.

Why did the Light need Roy's entire arm for cloning? Wouldn't some blood or a finger have been enough?

Why did the others but Clone!Roy give up on looking for Original!Roy? Why did they say Original!Roy was never their friend and tell Clone!Roy to give up searching for him?

Again, I apologize for this, I tried to clean up the questions as best I could without messing up the point of the question. Honestly, they'll never let this go unless they hear the answer straight from the creator's Q&A blog. Again, I think you're doing a great job and I hope you and the rest of the cast and crew keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

1. They wanted an on-going source of DNA, and didn't want to continually have to defrost him and refrost him to get it.

2a. There was always a suspicion that Original Roy might be dead. As more and more leads led to dead ends, more and more people became convinced that he was.

2b. Robin and Kid Flash met Speedy AFTER the switch to Clone Roy was made. (This is flat-out STATED in the series.)

2c. See 2a.

Response recorded on November 29, 2012