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Andy G writes...

Hello Greg and welcome back,

i would like to say in my opinion that spectacular spiderman is the best adaption since the 90's with great storylines and character development such as flash thompson's sense of honour in sports (Probably Cause) which really surprised as he is portrayed as an arrogant jerk.

I liked the themes of character development such as "defrosting the ice queen" e.g. Liz Allen warms up to Peter and becomes open minded (Interactions) and Sally Avril because concerned with peter's safety (Probably Cause) and showing a bit of compassion. Not to mention about Harry's transition from friend to a jerk when he becomes popular which i like to call "Acquired social narcissism".

The characters hated towards spiderman are well understandable e.g. J jonah jameson's anger towards spiderman after rival papers sold well with front covers of spiderman than the bugle's front cover of his son miraculously and heroically piloted the shuttle to safety against impossible odds of survival. I would be annoyed if that happened to me.

I liked how the series show a more human peter parker and how he can be portrayed as a sleaze and quite an opportunist as would be willing to take any opportunity which would benefit him and other people he knows in the long run if how could avoid the consequences e.g. Taking photos of the lizard but disclosing Dr conners as the lizard from the public to win the prize money for his aunty, however that minor consequence can build up major consequence e.g. miles warren managed to get a that pic of the lizard to uses to blackmail Dr conners into giving up control of his lab to miles after dr. conners said his research was a "dead end".

I would like to say thank you for producing a spectacular series of spiderman and even though it's cancelled i continue to use my imagination.

P.s. Ignore the haters and continue doing what you do best.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on November 29, 2012