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Guy Gardner writes...

Back again! Hopefully you didn't have to go through all the lists that were ahead of me when I posted this, but if you did I pray for your sanity. Anyways, thanks for the answers you gave me last time. Here's a few more questions:

1) I love how you've fleshed out the Martians in this universe (Hope to see some Red Martians in the comic or on the show), but I wanted a clarification on their weakness: Is their weakness to fire purely based around heat, or is it more of an innate psychological fear of fire?

2) In "Earthlings", it's mentioned that the word "Krolotean" might as well mean "thief", indicating they are basically a race of criminals. So are Kroloteans supposed to be GOOD at what they do (tech thievery, infiltration, etc), or are they sort of a bargain basement criminal enterprise? Just wondering if the Light took the lowest bidder when it came to planning an alien invasion.

3) We know Earth has three Green Lanterns, but traditionally there are only two per sector. Are there different rules for the YJ Green Lantern Corps, or is one of them part of the Green Lantern Honor Guard (Elite Lanterns who are not bound by individual sectors)? If the latter, is it Guy Gardner? If not, WHY is he not when he is obviously superior to the others?

4) Conner is now attending Ivy University, judging by "Satisfaction". What's his major and is Ivy Town as crazy as it is in the comics? Oh, and nice job sneaking in "The Mysteries of Udolpho" in a second time.

5) I know that the production team was always planning on a 5-year timeskip. Was the idea of doing this inspired by the Legion of Superheroes' "5 Years Later" skip, or is that complete coincidence?

Thanks again for your time!

Greg responds...

1. Heat.

2. They have their skills.

3. The rules are slightly different in Milky Way-16.

4. History, I'd think.

4a. Ivy Town's no crazier than anywhere on Earth-16.

5. Coincidence - if it even rises to the level of coincidence.

Response recorded on November 29, 2012