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Teukros writes...

To start, I want to let you know that YJ is currently my favorite show, and I can't wait to see it each week.

My question is about Kyle Rayner. I remember hearing that in the past on multiple DC shows, certain characters (notably Nightwing in JLU and Donna Troy/Wonder Girl in almost ANYTHING) were off limits due to licensing issues (or something to that effect, I was never great at the legalese). I also noted that Kyle Rayner's only appearances as a Green Lantern were in Superman: TAS (where they made him into Hal Jordan with a different name) and briefly in JLU (where he had very little characterization). In many other shows and movies based off DC lore, when Kyle is supposed to be the Green Lantern in question (Justice League: Doom), or at the very least, could exist as one, he is passed over, more frequently than any of the other Lanterns in 2814. Is this a licensing issue, or is it something else entirely? From what I've read, Kyle isn't an unpopular character.

Greg responds...

It is not - as far as I know - a legal issue. No one has told me he's off limits. But I can't speak for what the situation was on past series.

Response recorded on November 30, 2012