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Anonymous writes...

I have only one question and that is: Why is Hudson the only Gargoyle
with a Scottish accent? All the rest were born and raised there, the people
around them had scottish accents, yet that failed to do so, why is that?

Greg responds...

I've answered this before. Part of this depends on what kind of
answer you want. A behind-the-scenes answer or a within-the-world-of
-the-show answer.

For the latter, Hudson is the guy who spent the most time around
humans in the tenth century. He thus picked up their accent. The
others had a more neutral accent. (If you listen carefully, even the
trio maintain a more classic neutral accent until "Awakening, Part
Three"). That neutral accent was easily influenced by twentieth century
contacts and culture.

If you're looking for that behind-the-scenes answer, then know
that Hudson's accent carries symbolic weight. A reminder of where our
gang came from while allowing the younger characters to represent where
they are now. With Goliath's classic, dignified speech patterns and
neutral accent representing the middle, transitional ground. It's all
done to create another layer of tension, another layer of depth to the

In any case, this was not an oversight. We made a conscious
decision (for right or wrong) to take it this way. (GDW / 4-23-98)

Response recorded on April 23, 1998