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Aris Katsaris writes...

In how much detail have you plotted the lifes of Macbeth and Demona in the years between 1057 and 1994? Do you know only some tidbits of their lifes (as for example the one you mentioned that Macbeth knew Shakespeare) or have you plotted them and their movements to some greater extent?

Did Macbeth and Demona meet any time between 1057 and 1995? Or was 'City of Stone' their first meeting after so many centuries? Did they meet the Weird Sisters again?

Greg responds...

The Weird Sisters were watching them, but I think largely with maybe a couple of exceptions, they stayed out of sight.

Macbeth and Demona definitely had a handful of encounters over the centuries.

As for what I've plotted, well, as you said, I have a few tidbits and a sense of the sweep. But, no, I don't have a detailed account in my head of what happened to each character.

Response recorded on February 09, 2000