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Anonymous writes...

I'm confused here. If the years on the timestamps as indicated on Young Justice issue #20 are correct, then it seems that the entirety of Season One took place during Year Zero. The present day events of the issue indicate that 2015 is Year Five. If that is true, would Season Two technically be Year Six in 2016? Also, If Young Justice: Legacy takes place one year before Season Two, would that be Year Five or Year Four?

Greg responds...

As I've said before, all attempts to LOCK in a real world year are fruitless. If it pleases you or other fans to regard Team Year Zero as 2010, I can't stop you, and it should fit most (though not necessarily all) calculations.

But, yes, all of Season One of Young Justice takes place during Team Year Zero - except for the occasional flashback and the last couple minutes of "Auld Acquaintance, which take place during the early hours of Team Year One.

Season Two, i.e. Young Justice: Invasion (with the exception of the occasional flashback and the occasional flashforward to Bart's home era), all takes place during Team Year Six.

The action - though not all of the backstory - of Young Justice Legacy, all takes place during Team Year Five.

Response recorded on December 11, 2012