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Anonymous writes...

Hello once more Mr. Weisman!
I have had some trite but ever so curious questions buzzing in my
scull for a while now! Ready? =D

1)Okay, let's just be blunt! Many have been beating around the bush
and circumventing this curious little question... Is Oberon Puck's

2)Are all the Tricksters related (by blood)? They cirtainly have some
similar personality traits, particularly Puck and Coyote! =)

3)Why not put up a page giving some personal info on you to prevent
those ever so annoying repeat questions. You could list some of your fav
stuff on there! Fav Shakespeare play, fav garg character, ect... hmmm that was
more a suggestion. Oh well! =D

4)Wanna tell us who Brooklyn's mate is yet? PLEASE! (on hands and
knees here!)

5)What were you doing before _Gargoyles_?

6)Are you a Trekkie or X-philer? Ha Ha Ha! If you are both, which more
so? =)

Greg responds...

1. No. Oberon is Merlin's father.

Hey, did someone say in the comment room that I had said that
Merlin was fully human? I never said that.

Here's what we know to date:

Queen Mab is Oberon's mother.

Oberon is married to Titania.

But Oberon has a son, Merlin, by a human woman.

That makes Merlin a human-fae hybrid.

Titania has a daughter, Fox (or Janine), by the human Halcyon Renard.

That makes Fox a hybrid too, but she was raised as a human.

Fox is married to David Xanatos (the son of Petros Xanatos).

They have a son Alexander Fox Xanatos, who is one-quarter Fae.

Puck/Owen, as far as we know, isn't related to anyone that we've
met to date.

2. No.

3. That page exists. It's called the ASK GREG ARCHIVES. I
realize it's a lot of material to slog through right now, but Gore has
long term plans to figure out a way to grant a greater ease of access to
it. Give him time.

4. See, now I know you haven't read the Archives. I gave that
away ages ago. Her name is Katana. She's a gargoyle that he meets
while TimeDancing in Feudal Japan.

5. I was Director of Series Development at Walt Disney
Television Animation.

6. I watch DS9, Voyager and X-Files. That's the extent of my
fan participation in those shows. (GDW / 4-23-98)

Response recorded on April 23, 1998