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Steph writes...

Hi Mr.Weisman

Two questions:

1. Did you give Slade a ponytail because you wanted to increase his sass level?

2. In another question someone asked where Artemis was in Image and you said "Does it matter? Anyway, hopefully I'll get to tell that story some day." and now I'm curious as to what that story is but I'm guessing that's a SPOILER request. So instead I'll ask was it a story that was meant to be told on the actual show or in the tie-in comics?

Greg responds...

1. <chuckle> Actually, I don't usually talk out of school here, but I was AGAINST the ponytail from the start. But I was over-ruled by Brandon and Phil. Later, when Phil was designing Deathstroke again for one of WB's DVDs, he told me I was right. Fat lot of good THAT did, huh? ;)

2. Comics.

Response recorded on February 26, 2013